Accessibility of #humansconf

We aim to make #humansconf as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We understand that accessibility is a complex field and we realise that every person has their own unique needs.

In case you have any questions about the information provided on this page, or if we missed something, please write us an email and we will work hard to meet your needs.

Accessibility of the Venue

Unfortunately, not all of the venue is easily accessible for wheelchair users or people with otherwise limited mobility. The venue’s outside area is sloped in some areas and thus might be hard to navigate with a wheelchair. You can have a look at the StreetMap image of the venue to get a rough impression of the outside area.

Session Rooms

The session rooms “Brasilien”, “Mexiko” and “Kenia” are unfortunately only reachable via stairs. However all other session rooms of the venue are wheelchair accessible. Please refer to the map of the venue to find out where these rooms are located.

We will take accessibility into account when planning sessions during the marketplace, so we can make sure that everyone can reach the sessions they want to attend.

Hotel Rooms

With regards to hotel rooms, the venue sadly only has one room that’s wheelchair accessible. Please do inform us during registration if you’d like to book this room.

Additional Mobility Support

During sign-up, that is after you won a ticket in the ticket lottery, you can tell us how we might support you in getting around the venue during the conference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at, or tweet at us in case of any questions.

Child Care

We offer child care to those who want to bring their kids to the conference. Please tell us about it during registration.

Please contact us if you want to know more or if you’re unsure of how this might work.


Your partner and/or family is more than welcome to join the conference. From other Open Space events with a similar structure we know that partners and children of attendees can usually not only be present at the conference venue, but also take part in at least some of the conference sessions themselves.

And even if they’d rather not join any conference sessions, the venue offers a playground, a sauna, a football field, a boule field and a low ropes course, in addition to being in the middle of a beautiful forest.

Quiet Area

Even a conference like #humansconf, where there’s lots of space between session rooms and a schedule meant to accommodate each individuals own rhythm and interests, it might feel stressful and overwhelming at times.

For these cases, participants can either seek the solace of their hotel rooms, which are very close by, due to fact that the conference venue is also the hotel for all participants.
Or participants can visit the quiet room, where there might be other participants, but everybody is asked to stay quiet.

Sign Language

If you need a sign language interpreter, please contact us with information on what sign language you need and also indicate so in the registration. We will do our best to find and hire one, as well as secure funding for them. If you already know a person that would work for you, let us know their contact information.

Live Captioning & Transcriptions

Due to the spontaneous character of an Open Space, we cannot offer captioning or transcriptions for any of the sessions that happen during the conference.


Ramadan ends on the last day of the conference, on 23-May 2020. If you wish to observe Ramadan while participating at #humansconf, please tell us via the sign-up form that you’ll receive when winning a ticket in the ticket lottery. We will then work with the hotel to accommodate your needs and wishes.


We asked the venue, to serve only vegan food throughout the whole conference. Please be aware of this, when registering.