#humansconf FAQs

What are frequently asked questions about the conference

How do you work with the sponsors ?

This conference accepts sponsorship only for under-indexed groups. If an organization or individual wishes to sponsor a number of these tickets, then we would offer these tickets to our participants who come from under-indexed groups. The cost of sponsoring one ticket for under-indexed group is max 550 Euros per ticket. 

At the moment, we offer organisations  who sponsor the tickets for under-indexed groups to be listed with their logo on our website. We also use our social network to also call out our sponsors. 

What exactly attendees have to do ?

The conference is going to use the concept of “Open Space” to organize the content. The agenda of the conference is collaboratively created during the event, and everybody gets to contribute. The focus of the event is around people : teams building technology, collaboration, building empathy, mental health at work etc. To know more, please checkout the format of the event