A community and event series centered around the most important thing when it comes to impactful technology products: People & their interactions!


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Our Vision

Successful technology products tell a story about humans who came together to solve complex problems that touch people’s lives. It’s a story of collaboration, sharing, communication and empathy. But more often than not, this side of the story gets overlooked in favour of programming languages or frameworks — even though it’s the one piece of the puzzle all successful projects have in common.

We aim to bring together people from all kinds of backgrounds and roles to discuss, share, and celebrate the stories and lessons learnt when humans come together.

As such, you’re welcome and we want to hear your stories, want you to share your ideas, no matter what background you have and in what role you’ve worked in the past or are currently working.

You Got This

#humansconf is part of You Got This, a network of community conferences on the non-technical ‘core’ skills needed for a happy, healthy work life.


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