Inclusivity Grants

#humansconf offers inclusivity grants to participants from under-indexed groups

We offer a small contingent of inclusivity grants to people from under-indexed groups. A grant will cover all costs of of staying at the conference. The details of what costs this includes, are described here. grants do not cover travel expenses. If you receive a grant and also need assistance in covering travel costs, please reach out to us at

Please note, it’s not yet fully clarified how many grants we will be able to grant. We can therefore not guarantee every person who applies for a grant, that their application will be granted.

Applying for an Inclusivity Grant

In order to apply for a inclusivity grant you need to register for the conference. During the registration process, you will be asked if you want to apply for a inclusivity grant.

Sponsoring an Inclusivity Grant

As a sponsor of grants you will receive recognition of the #humansconf community by being mentioned by our Twitter account @humansconf and during the conference, and your logo on our website. Furthermore, as a grant sponsor you can be sure to make people smile, make the world a better place and enjoy a warm fuzzy feeling that comes with having done the right thing. 😊

The costs of sponsoring one grant are detailed on the Costs page. Of course, a single sponsor can cover the costs of multiple grants.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in enabling people from under-indexed groups join #humansconf, please contact the organisers at

Many thanks to our sponsors!