Register for #humansconf

What Coronavirus means for #humansconf

#humansconf is cancelled, and will not happen in May 2020! Therefore it’s no longer possible to register for a ticket. If you want to be notified as soon as we know more about a new date, sign up to our newsletter to get notified.

How to get a Ticket for #humansconf

Getting a ticket for participating at #humansconf is 3-step procedure:

  1. Register for our ticket lottery via the registration form.
  2. Wait until we notify you via email, that you won a ticket in the lottery.
  3. Accept your ticket within 72 hours after receiving your notification email, by filling out a second sign-up form that you’ll receive as part of the notification email. In that sign-up form we’ll gather some more information such as possible dietary restrictions, your billing information etc.

How the Ticket Lottery works

Tickets for #humansconf are raffled in periodic lottery runs and there are two ticket pools from which tickets are drawn:

  1. Single rooms
  2. Double rooms

We will ask you during registration if you plan to come alone, or if you would like to bring others with you to the conference.

When answering that you’ll bring others with you, you automatically enter the lottery for double rooms. If not, then your registration enters the lottery for single rooms.

Getting a ticket in a lottery run means there’s a room booked on your name and you can ‘fill’ that room as you wish (with a partner, with a friend, with your family incl. kids etc.). Having a room reserved means having access to the conference.


Please be aware of the following restrictions:

  • Registering for the lottery with multiple email addresses, will dismiss all your lottery entrances, and you’re disqualified from attending.
  • In case you’re planning to share a room with another person, be it your partner or family, then only one person is allowed to register for the lottery. Submitting a separate registration for each person that wants to share a room, will disqualify you from attending.

These restrictions are meant to keep the lottery system random and fair.
So if you’re thinking to “hack” the lottery in order to increase your chances of getting a ticket: Don’t!

Reserved Ticket Quotas

A certain quota of tickets in each ticket pool are reserved for members from under-indexed groups, and for grantees of our inclusivity grants.

If you identify as a member of an under-indexed group, you can check a checkbox during registration, which raises your chance of getting a ticket.1 We trust that you know best if it applies to you, so we will not ask for further evidence at anytime.

Lottery Runs

The first lottery run will take place on 6-March, and after that as needed. This means the earliest notification emails will arrive during the day of 6-March.

  1. You think this is unfair? Well, actually it is not